Created in two weeks for Jam-O-Lantern 2021
There are some known issues with the web version, such as music not looping and the indicator disappearing. We recommend downloading one of the native versions below for the best experience.

Frantically maneuver your way around a constantly morphing map in order to survive for as long as possible! Different color tiles will apply different effects/"curses" to your character, with differing effects:

  blank tiles don't do anything
  red tiles kill you immediately
  orange tiles give you a shorter jump
  yellow tiles slow you down
  blue tiles give you slower acceleration
  pink tiles break your dash ability
  green tiles clear your current status

A - move left
D - move right
K - jump
L - dash

We also have 3 characters to choose from, the same in all ways except for their jump:

  Bitboy - Very strange jump that literally decreases gravity. We don't know how he does it. (Hardest to control)
  Jankman - We love him. Has a janky jump that becomes smoother the longer you hold the jump button. Previously known to clip into ceilings (we don't think so anymore).
 Constance - A constant velocity jump for sane people. (Easiest to control)

Notable techniques:
Jump Preservation - You don't need to be on the ground to jump! If you walk off a ledge, then you can jump from mid-air

Wall Jump - If one jump doesn't quite do the trick, then how about two? Dash at a wall to regain your jump

idk what to put here, if anything lol


Download 43 MB
Download 37 MB
Download 28 MB

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